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Planning to throw your old computer in the bin?

Identity Theft Warning!

“The consumer group Which? warns that criminals trawl council tips and internet auction sites for PCs, and then recover deleted data with the help of specialist software. This information can then be used to make a fraudulent credit card application, order a new phone, or even apply for a copy of a birth certificate.

Which? Computing bought eight second-hand hard drives from auction site eBay and found that they still held information that could be confidential. Using free software downloaded from the internet, the computer magazine said it was easily able to recover 22,000 ‘deleted’ files, including images, music files and spreadsheets.

Trust Dean's IT to dispose of your computer safely and securely.

Deleting your files, or even reformatting your hard drive isn’t enough to remove your personal, sensitive information. At Dean's IT, we professional destroy all personal data held on your laptop or computer’s hard drive before its disposed of.

How it works

As a ‘middle man’ service, before taking your old PC to a local recycling centre, we’ll remove your hard drive and securely and professionally wipe ALL data leaving no trace of ANYTHING on the disk.

  1. We collect your PC from your home
  2. We remove your hard drive and professionally erase ALL data
  3. We deliver your computer to our local recycling centre.

What’s in it for us?

Simply put, spare parts. If we can re-use any part of an old laptop or computer, we will.

What’s in it for you?

  1. We save you a trip to the dump.
  2. We guarantee your data is professionally destroyed and wont fall into criminal hands.
  3. Unlike other recycling services, we won’t charge you a penny even if there’s nothing worth salvaging.

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